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Survey Request for SGS International Students

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Dear International Students of SGS,

This is SGS Office.

Professor Dongju Choi has asked the international students to kindly fill out the survey down below, conducted by one of our graduates.

We would appreciate your cooperation.

Thank you.

As a master’s student from Fashion Design Lab at Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, I am looking for participants for my research on what K-fashion is from Foreign Perspectives. You will be asked to answer some simple questions about your thoughts and experience regarding K-Fashion.
You are eligible to participate in the interview if you are in two of the categories.
- Foreigners living in Korea for more than 1 year within the age range of 19-34
- Foreigners living outside of Korea within the age range of 19-34 who are interested/familiar with Korean culture

Please fill out the form at the link below, and you’ll be sent an e-mail or text message to contact you and give you further information if needed.
Your participation in this research is very much appreciated. Thank you for your time!


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